Dear Friends!

Welcome you on our Karate- Do club * Tay- Sen * site.  Here you can review the information about our club, its life, aims and results of our activity.

Our main objectives are recovery, self- defense, discipline, education and also hard training of athletes and maybe future champions.

Join us and we will do the future of your children together!


Sports Club "Tai-Sen" pays special attention to further increase the number of children involved in sports, the conditions for recovery, improve skills of athletes, identify talented youth and their education.

The primary purpose of the club is the harmonious development of personality. Children are not only physical but also spiritual development, aimed at raising the moral and ethical standards.

In our club work experienced coaches who systematically pass certification and take part in international and national meetings. They also organize sport and training meetings for their pupils with a help of invited professionals. Our trainers are qualifiedteachers and sportsmen. The victories of the club members on the national and international competitions are the main confirmationsof their professionalism.


Prospekt Nezaleznosti st. 72



Tekstylnikiv st. 17


Объявления по TAY-SEN summer camp 2016

Збір біля залу «Тигр» (просп. Незалежності, 72) о 8:30. Виїзд на базу в Мигово 5 липня о 9:00. Список речей, необхідних на збори


25 июня воспитанники клуба Тай-Сен праздновали закрытие спортивного сезона.

Already this Saturday will close the season TAY-SEN AWARDS.
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